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Silicone Can Covers - 6 Pack

Silicone Can Covers - 6 Pack

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Swap plastic cling wrap or foil for our reusable stretchy can covers that fit a variety of small containers- cups, jars, cans, small bowls, even 1/2 cut fruits and veggies!

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Why Silicone Can Covers?


How to Use: To avoid slipping, make sure hands, the outer edge of the object, and the silicone covers are completely dry. Simply stretch to cover. You can pull on the tabs to make sure cover is secure. Not suitable for sharp objects or jagged cans.

Temperature resistant from -40°F to 450°F. They are microwave-safe, freezer safe, and heat-resistant so you can quickly reheat leftovers. Top rack dishwasher safe.


100% BPA-free, food grade silicone.

Packaging: Kraft paper box.


They will remain intact and as good as new for a very long time eliminating the need for plastic cling wrap. Just wash with hot water and soap between uses (dishwasher safe).

End of Life Care

Most silicone products are indefinitely reusable, but you can recycle them with specialized recycling programs (just don't put them in your curbside bins).