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Soil Sauce - Liquid Plant Fertilizer

Soil Sauce - Liquid Plant Fertilizer

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Tackle food waste while feeding your plants! This sustainably made liquid plant fertilizer is made from food waste to give your plants the gift of healthy soil.
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Why Soil Sauce?


This unique formula enriches your soil quality by producing critical enzymes that improve water retention, and provide macro and micronutrients to everything you grow. The quality of your plants start with your soil. Foster happier, healthier soil with soil sauce, just add water and see for yourself.

TO USE: Shake the bottle well before using. Create a 1:4 dilution of soil sauce to water, and apply to your plants 1-4 times per month. For hydroponic systems, use a 5-10% reservoir concentration.


Soil sauce is organically produced using local food waste from Pittsburgh, PA and packaged in glass bottles. Food waste is processed in an anaerobic digester with no chemicals added! Each bottle is packed with a healthy microbiome of bacteria and microbes.

Soil sauce has an NPK ratio of 1:1:1.

90 lbs of CO2 emissions are diverted for every gallon of soil sauce.


A 16 fl. oz bottle of soil sauce is enough fertilizer for 5 house plants over 30 days. Depending on your plants' fertilizer needs, this may last you longer.

End of Life Care

Thoroughly clean the bottle before reusing. We recommend sanitizing in a dishwasher before refilling.

Soil sauce refill options coming soon!