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Succulent Plant

Succulent Plant

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Succulents are incredibly easy-going, low-care houseplants. Great for beginners!

Please note that when you order a succulent online, you will receive a random style. If you want to pick your succulent, come visit us in person!

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Get to Know Succulents!


Their foliage can range in shape, size, and color and they’ll make a great addition to a sunny window in your space.


The rule of thumb is to water succulents thoroughly once a week in summer, twice a month in spring and fall, and monthly during their winter dormancy. Keep succulents on the dry side, and give their roots superb drainage.


In general, give succulents half a day of full sun; ideally full sun in the morning and then bright or dappled shade the rest of the day.


No! This plant is not pet friendly.

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