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Warneckii Dracaena

Warneckii Dracaena

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Get to Know Dracaena Warneckii!


Dracaena warneckii (Dracaena fragrans ‘Warneckii’) is a beautiful plant that’s perfect for the home or office. It’s easy to take care of and can grow well in most indoor environments.


Water when 75% of the soil volume is dry. The leading issue with dracaenas is root rot, so keep on the dry side. Always water until you see it flow out of the drainage hole and discard the excess water in the saucer.


Your dracaena can be placed in low to indirect light. Too little light and the foliage will yellow and growth will slow. Too much light and the foliage will burn.


No! Dracaena Warneckii leaves are toxic to pets and humans if ingested.

Sad Plant (is your plant dying?)

Yellow leaves are a sign of overwatering your Dracaena. Your soil is either soggy, waterlogged, and too moist. You will want to adjust your watering schedule and make sure the topsoil is dry in between waterings.

If you’re seeing crispy, brown leaf edges, this is likely a sign that your plant’s environment is too dry. This can mean you are underwatering your dracaena or there are low humidity levels. Make sure to keep your Dracaena’s soil consistently moist only allowing topsoil to dry between waterings.

Some leaves dropping off your Dracaena is natural as the plant matures. However, if you’re seeing consistent leaves dropping off your Dracaena can be a symptom of multiple issues, so you’ll need to try to narrow down which one it is. One of the most common reasons is overwatering.